Toad Toxicity

As the weather starts to warm up and the sun goes down. A pest known as cane toads start to come out from your gardens. Cane toads are toxic to our furry pets. They secrete toxins from glands at the b...
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Dental Disease

Veterinary Dentistry Dr Vincent Asbury BVSC Hons As our pets age they become more susceptible to dental disease. Our pets just like us need regular brushing and I say its not possible to floss our p...
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Chocolate Toxicity

To our valued clients as Easter is coming just a friendly warner about those chocolate goodies. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Too much Chocolate can lead to upset tummies, elevated and irregular heart b...
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Tick Paralysis

As the temperature increases from winter to spring paralysis ticks (Ixodes Holocyclus) start to come out. The female tick attaches to your dog or cats’ skin by mouth parts that inject a toxin. The tox...
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First Aid for Dogs - Heat Stroke

As I am sure everyone is aware, heatstoke can be fatal. The onset of heat related symptoms can be very quick and can escalate into an serious emergency in a only minutes. First aid for dogs in these s...
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Desexing the Pros and Cons

Whether your dog is male or female, the decision as to whether or not to desex, can be a difficult one for some owners. There is a lot of confusing information on the internet, and a lot of conflicti...
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